Adam and Eve

Age 5+: Read Genesis 2:7-25
Under 5: Read about Adam and Eve from a children's story bible or the short summary below.

After God had created the world and all the flowers, trees, and animals, God formed man from the dust of the earth. God had planted a beautiful garden in Eden and He put the man there.

There was a special tree in the garden. It was called the “Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” When God put man in the garden, He told them about all the trees. God said to Adam, “You can eat the fruit of any tree that is in the garden. But you must not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you do, you can be sure that you will die.”

God also told Adam about all the animals. He brought the animals to Adam so he could name them. And whatever Adam called each creature, that became its name. Adam had all the animals to play with but God knew that was not enough.

So God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep. While he was sleeping, God took out one of his ribs. Then the rib which God had taken from Adam, he made into a woman, Eve.

God made Adam and Eve special because they were like Him, in His image. Adam and Eve could talk to God, they trusted Him, and they took care of the garden.

Preschool questions:
How did God form Adam? He made him out of the dust of the ground.
Who named all the animals? Adam.
How was Eve formed? Out of Adam’s rib.

Elementary questions:
Why did God place Adam in the Garden of Eden? To take care of it.
How should we treat the earth and the animals? With respect and care.
What will happen if Adam and Eve eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? They will die.
Where was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? In the middle of the garden.
How were Adam and Eve different from the animals? They could talk to God; they were made in God's image.

Preteen application:
Is man different from the rest of creation? Yes, we have an eternal soul.
Divorce is common now. Does that make it right? No.

Memory Verse: Matthew 19:6b “Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

Journal (age 8+)
Copy memory verse, describe your favorite animal, and write down any prayer requests.

Journal (age 3+)
Draw and color a picture of Adam and Eve. Copy memory verse if able.

Optional activity: God planned for man to work, even in the Garden of Eden. Think of what kind of work you can do at home. What kind of work do you want to do when you grow up? Discuss this with your parents and pray for guidance.

Prayer: Praise and thank God, ask for forgiveness, submit any prayer requests.