The Widow's Offering

Age 5+: Read Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1-4
Under 5: Read a short summary of the widow’s offering from a children's story bible or the short summary below.

The Jews gave money to the Temple and also to the poor as a service to God. One day Jesus was watching the people as they made their offering to God and put their money in the temple treasury. Many of the rich people gave a lot of money. But a poor woman, also called a widow, came by and put in two small coins. Jesus called His disciples over and explained to them that the widow has given more than all the others. Although two small coins might not seem like a lot, since the others gave much more money, they also had some left over for themselves. The poor widow gave all that she had.

Preschool questions:
How many coins did the widow give? Two.
Did the rich people give a lot of money? Yes.
Who gave the most, according to Jesus? The poor widow.

Elementary questions:
What coin do we have that might be similar to what the poor woman gave? A penny.
How did the poor woman buy dinner after she gave all that she had? She trusted in God to provide for her.
Does God need our money to accomplish His plans? No.
What are some ways you can make an offering to God?  Giving my time to help others, giving some of my allowance money, teaching others about Jesus, etc.

Preteen application:
What is a tithe? The tithe was a requirement of the law in which all Israelites were to give ten percent of everything they earned to the Temple (Numbers 18:26, Genesis 28:22, Deuteronomy 14:22).
Are we commanded to tithe? Paul states that believers should set aside a portion of their income as an offering (1Corinthians 16:1-2). We are to give cheerfully, not reluctantly or because we feel we have to.
How does the church use our money for God? Giving money to the church allows our pastors to preach the Word and provides a place for believers to gather. Funds are also used to support missionaries and bless others in need.

Memory Verse: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 (NIV)

Journal (age 8+)
Copy the memory verse, describe the type of offering that you think would be pleasing to God, and write down any prayer requests.

Journal (age 3+)
Draw and color a picture of something you would like to give to God (ideas include: your heart, coins, favorite toy, etc.) Copy the memory verse if able.

Optional activity: Read Matthew 6:25-34. Discuss what it means to trust in God to provide for our needs.

Praise and thank God, ask for forgiveness, submit any prayer requests.

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Parable of Lost Coin

Age 5+: Read Luke 15:8-10
Under 5: Read about the parable of the lost coin from a children's story bible or the short summary below.

Jesus told this story: Suppose a woman has ten silver coins, and loses one. Won't she turn on the light, check and sweep all over the house, and keep looking until she finds it? When she finds it, she will call her friends and her neighbors and tell them, "Celebrate with me! I have found my lost silver coin!"

"In the same way," Jesus said, "the angels of God celebrate in heaven over one sinner who turns away from sin."

Preschool questions:
Who told this story? Jesus.
How many coins did the woman lose? One.
Did she find it? Yes.

Elementary questions:
Why does the woman want to find her lost coin? She misses it and wants it back.
What does she do when she finds it? Calls her friends and neighbors and rejoices.
Do angels care about us? Yes, the angels rejoice when we commit our lives to the Lord.

Preteen application:
What does it mean to repent and return to God? We must have an attitude of true and humble confession and seek God's forgiveness.
Memory Verse: “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9 (NIV)

Journal (age 8+) Write about a time that you lost something special, but found it later. Did you ask anyone for help in finding it? How did you feel after you found it?

Journal (age 3+) Draw and color a picture of the woman finding her lost coin. Copy the memory verse if able.

Optional Activity: Give each child some coins or pieces of candy. Have them "lose" one on the ground. Ask them if they want to find the one they lost. When they reply, "Yes," question why they aren't happy with what they have. Explain that God is the same way -- he loves all those that are His, but He also loves and misses the sinners, and wants them to come back to Him.

Prayer: Praise and thank God, ask for forgiveness, and submit any prayer requests.

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Queen Esther

Age 5+: Read Esther 2:2,7-8,17, Esther 3:1-6, Esther 4:12-16, Esther 5:1-3, Esther 7:3-6, Esther 8:7-8,11
Under 5: Read about Esther from a children's story bible or the short summary below.

King Xerxes searched throughout his kingdom for a new queen. Esther was very beautiful, and the king like her best, so he set a royal crown on her head and made her queen of his kingdom.

The king ordered everyone to bow down to his officer, Haman. Mordecai was Esther's cousin. He refused to bow down to Haman -- he would only bow down to God. That made Haman angry. So he planned to have Mordecai and the rest of God's people, the Jews, killed. Mordecai asked Queen Esther to save the Jews by talking to the king. But the king's law said she could be killed if she came to the king without first being invited by him.

God had been preparing Esther for this moment. Bravely, she went to the king, and he was pleased with her. Then Queen Esther told King Xerxes about Haman's evil plan. The king punished Haman with death and passed a law so God's people could defend themselves.

Preschool questions:
Who did King Xerxes choose to be his new queen? Esther.
Why didn't Mordecai bow down to Haman? Mordecai would only bow to God.
Did Esther speak up for God's people? Yes.

Elementary questions:
What did Mordecai ask Queen Esther to do? To ask the king to save God's people.
How did Queen Esther show courage? She went to see the king without an invitation - something she could have been killed for doing.
How did the king show Esther that it was safe for her to come talk to him? He held out the gold scepter to her for her to touch.
Did the king grant Esther's request? Yes.

Preteen application:
Read Proverbs 31:8. Queen Esther had the courage to speak up for God's people. Since God gives you courage, what should you do for people who need help? We are to stand up for what is right, defend the weak, and be a voice for the poor.
Read Esther 4:14 again. What do you learn about the faith of Mordecai? Mordecai believes that even though the situation seems as though all the Jews will die, he knows the Lord will deliver them from harm. He has faith in God's protection and provision.

Memory Verse: "But whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm." Proverbs 1:33

Journal (age 8+) Copy memory verse and write about the bravest thing you've ever done. Write your prayer requests as well.

Journal (age 3+) Draw and color a picture of Queen Esther. Copy the memory verse if able.

Optional Activity: Discuss some of your fears together. Then describe what it means to trust in God. Do you need to worry if you trust in God? Think of what you can do if you are afraid or worried (pray, read Bible, talk with a parent, etc.)

Prayer: Praise and thank God, ask for forgiveness, submit any prayer requests.

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